Harvest Season Arrives in New Denver!

July 15, 2013  |  Press Release, Public Notices

Many of the fruit trees in the Village of New Denver are starting produce this year’s crop.  Council encourages residents to pick fruit which may attract bears or other wildlife, and to clean up windfalls.  If you do not want all of the fruit that is produced on your property, please consider participating in the Harvest Share Program, which will be running again in 2013.

Harvest Share is a free program which connects people who have excess fruit from their backyard fruit trees with those who have the time and energy to harvest it.  The fruit is shared amongst homeowners, volunteers, and the local food bank.

How do tree owners get involved?

Local tree owners help us turn private trees into a valuable source of food for the community.  If you have more fruit than you can manage call the Harvest Share coordinator and register your trees.

How do volunteers get involved?

Are you interested in food preservation and taking home a portion of the harvest?  Scheduled picks run from July to October.

For more information, please call the Harvest Share Coordinator, Bree Lillies, at 250-354-8120.