LightRecycle Program Collection Site Now Open at Village of New Denver Office

January 20, 2015  |  News, Public Notices

The Village of New Denver is now operating a collection site  for the LightRecycle Program for New Denver and the surrounding area.  LightRecycle  is a non-profit recycling program for used lightbulbs. Consumers can drop off their old and broken residential-use lighting products at collection sites across the province for recycling without charge.

Large volume producers need to contact the Village office before dropping of any bulbs. 250-358-2316

Please look on the LightRecycle website for more information about where to recycle flashlights, table lamps and chandeliers as the Village of New Denver is not able to handle these products.

The Village of New Denver is providing this service to help keep dangerous chemicals out of landfills and to support Canada’s first comprehensive lighting products recycling program.  The LightRecycle program ensures that recyclable materials from lighting products, such as metal, plastic and glass, are recycled into new products and do not end up in landfills.  Some lighting products contain hazardous materials like mercury. LightRecycle helps keeps these harmful materials out of the environment by safely recycling them at approved facilities

For more information please refer to the their website :

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