Council Message – Update on New Denver Trail Network Connections Project

September 2, 2016  |  News, Press Release, Public Notices

As many residents know, the Village of New Denver was fortunate to receive a recreation infrastructure grant from the Columbia Basin Trust in order to connect existing trail networks in the New Denver area. The Village has been actively working on this project, including developing trailheads and signage, increasing related trail amenities such as basic washroom facilities, benches and picnic tables, and of course, improving the lakeside Mori Trail to extend to Bigelow Bay and the Carpenter Creek trails and Orchard trails.

At this point, the existing trail has been cleared and several new sections have been added, reaching almost all the way to Bigelow Bay. Professional arborists have been brought in to assess trees that could pose a safety risk. The Village is aiming to maintain the character of the trail while also increasing accessibility and ensuring public safety. Take a walk along the lakeshore if you have not already to check out the new trail features.

Public washroom facilities have been installed at the Denver Canyon trailhead as well as the north-west side of Carpenter Creek, fulfilling a need in the community. The facility at the end of Main Street will be installed with vegetative screening if required and appropriate signage for access. It is Council’s hope that these measures will reduce the number of people “doing their business” in the bushes around town. The Village of New Denver is hoping to install more permanent and elaborate public washroom facilities and is optimistic that these can be included in future improvements to the Bosun Hall, pending the outcome of the structural assessment on the building which the Village expects to receive later this year.

We hope you enjoy these new and improved amenities which aim to increase access and encourage active outdoor recreation, and allow for the use of municipal greenspaces for organized recreation events.