Snowplowing Policy

January 26, 2018  |  Public Notices

Our policy is to clear emergency routes first, then hospital, school and main street access. Streets are generally cleared before alleys, although exceptions are made for alleys that provide the only access to a property.

We encourage residents to find a private contractor to assist them with winter snow removal, if they require that service. The Village of New Denver does not plow driveways or private property.

As part of our routine snow plowing activities, we periodically remove accumulated snow from locations around town. Where crew time permits, this may include removing windrows from driveways or low priority alleys. However, this is not a routine service.

The Village of New Denver will provide emergency assistance wherever possible so please do not hesitate to contact us if help is needed. For example, if you are trying to get to a doctor’s appointment, call the office and we will see if crew members are available to remove a windrow where your driveway meets the street.

Areas that are not typically accessed during the winter may not be plowed. If you would like access to an unplowed area, please advise the office – advance notice is always appreciated and increases the chance that your request can be fulfilled.