October 7, 2020  |  Public Notices

Managing your attractants and limit denning areas are key to keeping bears, rats and other wildlife in check this autumn. A reminder for residents to:

  • Keep garbage secure until morning of collection.
  • Pick and remove fallen fruit and nuts from your property. Fruit and nuts are a major attractant to bears this time of the year.
  • Feed pets indoors, or if fed outdoors, bring in any food that is not immediately eaten by your pets. Rats will quickly target any type of pet food left out.
  • Take birdfeeders down at night and feed only during winter months. Clean up ALL spilled seed under the bird feeder.
  • Manage your compost properly and turn regularly. Ideally you will use a rat-proof composter, but if not possible, turn your compost on a regular basis.

If you have questions about how to best manage your attractants, please reach out to the WildSafeBC Community Coordinator, Cora Skaien, at or at 778-987-3652.