Carpenter Creek Survey Oct 10-13

The Village of New Denver is starting to work on a Flood Hazard Mapping Assessment.  As a part of this work, during the week of October 10th (October 10 – 13), TRUE Consulting will be conducting surveys of Carpenter Creek in and around New Denver. This will involve both ground level survey work, in the creek, and gathering of air photos via drone flights.

Drones will not be operating constantly during the week of October 10th, but they will be flown for about an hour at a time in overlapping swaths along the Carpenter Creek corridor, at an altitude of approximately 100m. This will occur during daylight hours, with some downtime between each flight. The drone used will be approximately 2-3ft across.

It is important that residents and visitors not approach Village contractors, interfere with work being undertaken, or interrupt equipment in any way. Please refer to the Village’s website post about Treatment of Workers for a reminder.


Village of New Denver
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Phone: 250 358 2316

Hours of Operation
9:00 AM – 4:00 PM

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