Message from our Fire Chief

The New Denver Fire Rescue team had a busy weekend responding to multiple motor vehicle incidents involving both vehicles and motorcycles. 

I would like to commend the efforts of our local fire department volunteers and the paramedics for their excellence in interagency collaboration. This was also evident through the teamwork and care offered by a BCAS lone responder in the absence of a local crew. 

Resources were limited which is an issue we are facing currently on almost every call we attend. Ambulances staffed sufficiently to transport are often coming from neighbouring communities with drive times upwards of 40 minutes prior to being on scene. 

In this photo you can see we utilized our roadside treatment tent to protect the patient and our crews from the heat while providing care and privacy as we waited for an ambulance to transport. 

A job well done thanks to a dedicated group of individuals (both fire and ambulance) who are ready and willing to serve their community regardless of the additional challenges of limited ambulance availability and reduced emergency department access. 

Stay safe out there! 

Fire Chief, Derek Hicks 


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