Winter Snow Removal FAQ

Please see important information regarding snow removal in the Village of New Denver.

Why does the snow plow leave a windrow in my driveway?

Plow operators do not intentionally block driveways. They have limited control over the amount and direction of snow
that comes off the plow. The plow blade is at a set position and does not have the ability to swivel around driveways.
When clearing your driveway, try to pile the snow on the right side (standing in your driveway and looking towards the
road). This can help reduce the amount of snow that is pushed onto your driveway when a snow plow passes.

Why can’t the plow operator lift the blade at every driveway?

In order for our snow plow operators to provide the most efficient and cost-effective snow removal, continuous
movement is required. With hundreds of driveways in the Village it is not practical or cost effective for plow operators
to lift the blade at every driveway. Lifting the blade at every driveway would leave snow in the road that may become a
hazard to motorists.

Why can’t the snow plow trucks plow all the snow to the other side of the street where there may not be sidewalks or

Snow plows are designed to plow snow to the right-hand side of the road. In order to plow all the snow to one side the
equipment would have to drive on the wrong side of the road, creating an unsafe traffic situation. It also takes longer to
do it this way, so ultimately, it would take the plow longer to get all the streets plowed. It not only increases snow
removal costs, but also increases our carbon footprint.

Why can’t I put the snow from my driveway onto the street or push it across the street?

This can create ridges and other road conditions that are dangerous for the snow plow operators as well as general
traffic. It can increase the amount of time to clear the street, and delays clearing other streets in a timely manner. A
return trip will add unnecessary expense to the snow removal process and increase our carbon footprint.

Will the Village come back and clear my driveway?

No. The Village does not perform work on private property. We suggest contacting a private contractor if you are
unable to do it yourself.

When will my street be plowed?

Emergency routes are cleared first, followed by the hospital, school and main business area. All other streets will be
cleared next, followed by alleys. Areas that are not typically accessed during winter may not be plowed.

What if I have a medical appointment or need to get to work before the plow gets to my street?

As you can imagine, the Village office receives numerous calls after every snowfall from people who have somewhere to
be whether medical appointment, work, or some other reason. Everyone feels their situation is more important than
everyone else’s. Your street will be cleared faster if you let our crew follow their regular procedure instead of running
back forth all over town for special circumstances. If you have a medical condition or if you have a job where you are
required to leave town every day, please plan ahead for unexpected bad weather. Listen to the weather forecast and
make your plans accordingly. Most rural residents know that when they choose to live in a rural community, getting
snowed in can happen. Any and all roads can become impassable with extreme weather and it’s important to have
food, medicines and supplies to last for several days during a bad storm.

If you are having a true medical emergency we will accommodate as best we can.

How can you help?

  • Keep streets and lanes clear for snow plows by parking in your driveway and moving trailers, etc. onto your own
  • Stay back a safe distance from the rear of a plow truck so the driver can see you and don’t try to pass
  • Don’t put snow from your driveway onto the street
  • If you can, help your neighbors with snow removal


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