Homes at Last: The Small Communities Initiative

New Commons Development is a partner in the affordable housing project being planned for 602 Slocan Avenue in New Denver. Take a look at this short film about housing, released by New Commons Development and featuring New Denver, Kaslo, and the District of Sparwood.

Below is the YouTube video description, posted July 13, 2021:

The pressure for housing in small cities is growing. In the last year, the pandemic has caused many people to consider or explore moving to a smaller community. There’s one big problem, though – access to housing is extremely restricted in rural communities.

Newcomers will find a shortage of housing or potentially push out locals who will have nowhere else to go. Small towns also historically don’t have a lot of housing built there and tend to go boom and bust. Development there for real estate is scarce.

Here are snapshots of three small communities around BC and their struggles with housing and building and managing their town’s population and needs.

There is a dire need for affordable housing projects in rural communities. If built, it would serve a multitude of communities in need. For
1) seniors will not be displaced and can age in place.
2) it can offer respite for women fleeing violence.
3) it allows local workers to live and work in the same community.
+ more people can move to rural communities from urban centres.

The government has understood how important it is to take action and build new developments, in a way that is affordable for residents. This exciting new partnership has developed three projects, located across BC.

This program offers not only funding, but strategic partnership as well. Through the help of an organization called New Commons Development, these rural communities will receive support from the specialists needed to build housing. This spans architects, construction companies, financial managers, etc. Together with local volunteers, these partners can work together to create much needed housing.

Here are the solutions and approach that New Commons Development took to solve this problem. With their assistance, all these issues and needs have been met. We are thrilled to have these buildings go up in our community.

This model of partnership is novel and an exciting avenue for rural communities across the country. There are many more communities like this that need support – we look forward to supporting and assisting people with housing needs. Housing is something basic and foundational for human life, and we are here to make sure everyone can have access to it.


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