Reservations and Rates

Centennial Campground is closed for the season.

Reservations are expected to open for booking in January.

We are in the process of switching our reservation provider. We aim to have the process completed by December. An email with information regarding new policies, rates and reservation opening date will be sent to camper list by the end of December.


Site Reservations

  1. Site rates are set by the Village’s current Fees and Charges Bylaw.
  2. Reservations can only be made online beginning January 3, 2024.
  3. The third-party reservation online system designated by the Village shall be the only mechanism for obtaining a reservation at Centennial Campground.
  4. Exceptions may be authorized in writing by the Village’s Chief Administrative Officer or the Chief Financial Officer.
  5. Booking fees for online reservations may apply.
  6. Reservations must be for a minimum of three nights when booked prior to season opening except for sites #9-13 which have no minimum stay requirement.
  7. There is a maximum stay of 14 days. Longer stays may be allowed by the Campground Host, on a day-to-day basis, only if vacancies exist.
  8. Reservation changes may result in additional fees or non-availability.
  9. Site occupancy fees will be refunded until two weeks prior to arrival (this does not include booking fees or stripe fees). No refunds will be issued within two weeks of arrival date.
  10. Reservations are permitted on all numbered sites (except site 6, which is reserved for the attendant).

Campsite Fees

Fees are per night (inclusive of all applicable taxes)

Regular Site – $25.00
Lakeside Site – $40.00
Center Site – $25.00
Serviced Site –  $35.00 (30 amps service)

For general booking system support, please email

For cancelling, modifying existing reservations and general queries, contact the attendant at 250-358-2361 or by email at

Off-season Contact:
Village of New Denver
Phone: 250-358-2316

Camper Registration

  1. Prior to occupying a site, all campers must register with the Campground Attendant.
  2. Only one unit (RV, trailer or tent) is permitted per site. Additional units must locate in available empty sites.   (Children under 18 may occupy a tent on the same site as their family unit, at no additional cost).
  3. If the campground is very busy additional units may, at the discretion of the Campground Host, locate on occupied sites. Each additional unit will be charged the full price for the site.

Campground Map

The site numbers for the campground are shown on the map below. Please note that sites 3-10 are serviced (30 amps) sites.


Village of New Denver
115 Slocan Avenue
PO Box 40
New Denver, BC V0G 1S0

Phone: 250 358 2316

Hours of Operation
9:00 AM – 4:00 PM

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