Off Leash Dog Walking

New Denver’s Off Leash Dog Area was established in 2006 by Bylaw No. 598. Council has not rescinded, altered or changed this Bylaw, and does not intend to. This Off Leash Area will continue to exist and is shown on Page 34 of the Centennial Park Master Plan.

Council is looking forward to working with the community to develop this area and make it another fantastic feature resulting from the development of the Centennial Park Master Plan.

The Village does recognize that at this time, off-leash dog walking has been permitted outside of the area established by Bylaw No. 598. While it is clear there are members of the community who have an interest in retaining the entire area from Highway 6 west to the TV towers for off leash dog walking, the intention is for the area east of the TV tower access road to become a pedestrian corridor, accessible to all users (not just those with dogs), and home to a variety of recreational infrastructure such as an all wheels skills park with room for future expansion, a playground, a gazebo, open greenspace, and more. This is what has been identified in the Centennial Park Master Plan as well as the Village’s new Active Transportation Network Plan, both having received public input.


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