Wildfire Resiliency Program

Wildfire Resiliency Program – WHAT IS IT?

The Slocan Valley Wildfire Resiliency Program (SVWRP) is a wildfire planning initiative being delivered by SIFCo on behalf of the Villages of Slocan, Silverton, and New Denver. The first year of the program is focused on developing a comprehensive long-term strategy to create more fire resilient communities in the Slocan Valley.

The core of the program is guided by the FireSmart disciplines and plays an active role in supporting the long-term planning strategy and delivery.

Following the FireSmart disciplines to mitigate wildfire, planning strategies and services will be delivered for the following areas; education and outreach, emergency planning, vegetation management, cross-training, and interagency cooperation.

Educating and working with community members is key to ensuring wildfire adapted and prepared communities.

Visit the Wildfire Resilience Program page for more details: