Trash To Treasure

It’s Trash to Treasure time again! The RDCK’s semi-annual celebration of waste reduction is happening on Saturday, April 26, 2014.

This one-day event provides participants with an opportunity to give away used items to those who may find value in them. This is also a chance for residents to search their community for their neighbours’ unwanted treasures.

On April 26th, residents are encouraged to place any gently-used, unwanted household goods together at the front of their property in a location that can be safely accessed by treasure hunters. A sign should clearly indicate which items are available to take home. By 4:00 pm the same day all remaining items should be gathered up and taken inside. Please keep your community and road-ways clean by removing unwanted items!

Download a free trash to treasure sign T2T Site Sign for your property.

Print a poster Trash to Treasure_Poster to display.

Please remember to clean up all the leftover items by 4pm on April 26th. Happy Treasure Hunting!