Mayor’s Message

How did Council come to the conclusion that amenities would be added to the green space between the lake to Highway 6, south of the dike? Here’s how…

The area in question is a large space that is underutilized. Council’s vision is to make it as multi-use as possible, taking into consideration the many different needs of all New Denver residents, making it a truly all-inclusive area!

This all started by gathering public input, listening to everyone’s ideas and then liaising with professional consultants on how to reach these goals.

The results of the public input, idea gathering, and professional consultation is what formed the Centennial Park Master Plan and the Active Transportation Network Plan that were adopted by Council.

An off-leash area for dogs and the ability to walk dogs in this area was never left out of the plan.

There are members of the public that would have you believe that Council is unwilling to work with the “off leash spokespeople,” however, after an informal conversation with one of these spokespeople, a councillor did meet with another of the spokespeople, requesting their help and input on how best to develop the off-leash space into a fantastic off leash area. We have not had a response from them on this request.

We are working with the Slocan Lake Boating Association to use fill from the upcoming marina dredging project to flatten and improve the off-leash area west of the proposed (and now fully funded) all-wheels park, to make it more friendly to those with mobility issues.  The Village would love to have engaged off-leash dog walkers be part of the design process.

Working together we can accomplish anything!

Please check out all of our plans on the Village website

Remember one person’s passion is not necessarily everyone’s passion, and that’s okay!


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